Chetana Women's Healtcare Project
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Chhaupadi tradition in Nepal

 Chhaupadi is a Hindu practice which prohibits women from practicing in normal family activities during menstruation because they are considered impure. They are not allowed to attend school, see male family members, work in farms and are forced to live in a small shelter intended for animals. This cycle runs for 5-7 days in a month.

 In village areas, women use old rags, ashes and leaves during the cycle as they cannot afford necessary sanitary items leaving
them embarrassed and susceptible to numerous health issues. Our project proposes providing free sanitary napkin facilities and
easy sanitary napkin making facilities in rural villages for these women. This will help combat the issues surrounding
the Chhaupadi tradition. In addition we propose to provide awareness of menstruation in villages, promote women to
stand for themselves and live a normal life during menstruation cycle.

Sexual Abuse In Children

 Sexual abuse of minors is increasing issue in Nepal and is alarming and strong measures have to be taken to protect the children
at risk of being sexually abused.
  A lot could have been done to protect the children and punish their abusers if there was a stable government and strong laws place in order. A research report which was issued in June 2013 shows large number of schoolchildren
has been subjected to sexual abuse. Nearly 13.7% of the 5,000 interviewed students had suffered from sexual abuse. “Actually
 the problem is it takes time for girls to even understand that they are being sexually abused. Sexual harassment and abuse in
schools and colleges is common and its effect on girls can be severe in some cases. Very often children and teens do not talk
about their abuse. They will protect their abuser making excuses for their injuries as there will be lack of support from their own
families regarding such matter.

How youth and children benefit:

» The major intended positive effect would be seen in the school going females .The use of sanitary pads and adaptation of healthy
   habits will allow higher attendance rates among school going girls .

» Improve healthy hygiene habits of young females during their menstrual periods. Adoption of cleaner and healthier hygiene habits
    would see a decline in the practice of Chhaupadi, allowing females to enjoy the freedom of life.

» Minors will be able to understand the causes of sexual abuse, their consequences and possible ways to solve these problems.

» Children will have self confidence to talk about abuses and help abusers to be punished.

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