Products of
Chetana Women's Skill Development Project.

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Handmade Products from start to finsih.

All of our products are handmade by local Nepali women, who are trained with many skills such as
cotton dying, weaving and sewing. The women of Chetana play an integral role in each step of the
process to create the unique products you see in our shop. Purchasing produtcs from Chetana
enables us to keep empowering the women of Nepal and educating their Children.

Preparation and Dying the cotton.

cotton ready for dying
Cotton ready for preparation.

preparation of the cotton  Dying the cotton  Dying the cotton drying with supporter
Preparation and Dying and Drying

Looming, Weaving and Sewing.

Looming  weaving  weaving  sewing

Looming, Weaving and Sewing


handycrafts by volenteer