History of
Chetana Women's Skill Development Project.

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Tara in her shop
Tara in her shop

Chetana Women Skill Development Centre was founded in 2008 (2064 BS) by Tara Timilshina.
After recovering from a life-threatening
illness, Tara decided that she wanted to change her career and life direction
to assist women in her community Women in Nepal have a lower literacy rate then men and a higher mortality rate.
They have few rigths in their families or communities, even though they are, for the most, the ones who work the
hardest at home and away from home.

Chetana's motto is : "Skillful women is every society".

Chetana is a registrered, non-for-profit NGO, which provides training and employment to women and, therefore,
enhances the
quatity of life for them and their families. Chetana does not accept any external funding as Tara and
te women chose to be empowered by being self-supporting. The proceeds of all sales provide a fair wage for the
women and help to support children to attend school, therefore all prices are fixed.

The women who work at Chetana, who have little or no education, are firts given three months of literacy training.
They then begin to learn how to weave and sew, moving into regular employment. Some work in the rooms behind
the shop, others from
their homes. All hand-knitting is done in-home by women in Pokhara and neighbouring villages.

woman looming   woman weaving

In addition to providing training, leading to self-sufficiency, Chetana helps to preserve traditional Nepali handcraft skills,
in a time when the import of machiene-made products is on the rise. The beautifully made products made of high-quality
materials, are sold from the shop to tourists from around the world and through this website, which allows people in many
countries to
introduced to the handwork of Nepal.

Vounteers are welcome. If you have a few hours or a few days available to support the work at Chetana, please speak
to Tara, who will be happy to hand any woman some cotton to roll in balls for the looms. If rolling doesn't appeal to you,
talk to her about othe fun work possibilities.


For information  E-Mail : weavingforlife@gmail.com