Chetana Women's Skill Development Project

Purcasing Guidelines.

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Fair Pricing.
Chetana is a registrated non for profit NGO.
Our products have
fixed prices and 100% of our profit is used to fund the
education of local disadvantaged youth.

Our pricing formula is simple.
Materials + Overheads + Wages + 5% profit
= The price of the goods.

Our wages are fair.

Purcasing Guidelines.

Chetana Women's Skill Development Project, Pokhara exports by CWSDP.

We request all correspondences and payments to be directed by CWSDP.

Chetana Women's Skill Development Project ships by air. It supervises its own packing
and arranges all documents for customs by a recognezed agency.

Samples requests and orders can be placed by e-mail. Product code, description,
color and number should be written in teh order. The costs of samples and
delivery is borne by the buyer.

Products are available in aso-free colors, natural colors( and are made of recycled cotton).
We are using original YKK-zippers.

All prices are FOB, quoted in US $ or Euro .

After receiving the order we will notify you with an invoice
detailling the quantity, weight, total cost (including packing and shipping) and
the delivery date.

50% of the payment is to be made in advance, with the confirmed order and
the remaining 50% is to be made before the goods are received.

We export through a recognezed agency and the buyer should
arrange insurance, if reguired.

Air freigth arrangements are FOB. When ordering please give your nearest airport
and list and specific documents required.

We provide the following:

: Invoice, Packing List and an Origin certificate ( if required).

Seperate handling may be charged on consolidation of goods as agreed with
the client.

Payment can be made by bankers draft.


For more information, e-mail us :
or visit our website :